The Secret to Prospects Calling You to Become Clients.



12 Keynotes designed to inspire financial advisors and help them develop a business model that will bring prospects to their door. These proven strategies also are featured in the recently released book: Reversing the Deal Flow: The Secret to Prospects Calling You to Become Clients.

1. Mastering the Science of Cold Calling
“Turn the lost art of cold calling into a hot prospecting tool using proven techniques for overcoming resistance with ease.”

2. Turning Strangers into Clients
“Learn how to converse with anyone in any social situation to instantly develop a trusting relationship that will turn interactions into business development opportunities.”

3. More than Linking In: Closing Business Through Social Media
“Your profile is up and you’re actively engaged on LinkedIn. Learn what to say to convert those connections into new clients.”

4. Turn Social Networking into Business Development
“Turn casual in-person interactions into business-building opportunities, systematically and flawlessly.”

5. Converting Friends, Family and Social Acquaintances into Clients
“Overcome the fear of offering services to those closest to you; explore key communication skills that will have them knocking at your door.”

6. Turbo Charge Your Business: The 6 Keys to Surge Your ROI
“Discover the six secrets for making your current book of business MORE (assets), DIFFERENT (investments solutions) and BIGGER (AUM)!”

7. Referrals = Unlimited Prospects
“Discover a disciplined, systematic approach that encourages unlimited referrals, explores correct communication methods, then quickly moves prospects into client status.

8. Centers of Influence (COIs): Going from Lunch to Assets in the Door in 90 Days
“These power players can take your game to incredible heights if you know the secrets for negotiating a mutually beneficial referral relationship.”

9. Intimate Events: From Entertainment to Business Development
“Seven significant ‘must do’s for converting events into assets”

10. Client Advisory Board: Harnessing the Referral Power of Your Best Clients
“Organize a group of insiders (clients) to determine what you do “right” or “wrong” in your practice, and what steps you need to take to dominate your market niche and crush the competition.”

11. Mastermind Group: Work Smarter Not Harder
“Create a “think tank” of experts to introduce and explore innovative marketing solutions for building a successful financial advisory practice.”

12. Business Development Group: Creating Your Own Sales Team
“Organize a team of third-party endorsers to exponentially increase your market reach and move your practice to the next level … at no cost to you!”

The Game win your life in 90 days.



The Game keynote presentation describes the highly successful Game Methodology as described in the best-selling book, The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days.  Using lecture, story, humor and self-diagnostic exercises, this session engages participants, giving them a rare change to assess their performance in key areas. They will also be challenged, over the next 90 days, to significantly improve their lives –both personal and professional– using key principles borrowed from sports and other forms of competition.

A Guide to the Recruiting Conundrum




Now the only book on the communication skills necessary to recruit top talent is a highly rated keynote presentation and training. In this highly interactive presentation managers learn how to go from selling to campaigning as they develop a systematic and disciplined approach to recruiting top talent.

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