Have you gathered the names of your clients’ Centers of Influence (COIs) and started calling to set up a time to meet with them, only to have them respond with, “I’m too busy”?

If so, here’s a script to help you overcome the COI’s objection to meeting with you:

COI: “I’m too busy to meet with you.”

YOU: “OK, [person’s name]. It sounds like right now you’re pretty busy and this might not be the best time to talk. Did I understand you correctly?”

COI: “Yes.”

YOU: “I want to thank you for letting me know that because I certainly don’t want to intrude on your time. [Person’s name], let me ask you, when do you think would be a more appropriate time frame?”

COI: “After I’m done with October taxes.”

YOU: “Okay, after October taxes are done might be a better time frame for us to speak. Would the beginning of November work for you?

You want to follow the same dialogue process used when somebody has an objection. Our three options are: Change the person’s mind, negotiate, or walk away. In the example above, you’d want to negotiate. There is no reason to change the COI’s mind because their concern (meeting time) can be easily negotiated. However, if the COI continues to have objections and you cannot change his/her mind nor negotiate, then you may have to walk away.

Remember, all communities are full of COIs, and you want to be sure to work with those who have similar business philosophies and understand the value of networking with you.

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