Your world is filled with Centers of Influence (COIs). However, many advisors never take the time to identify the COIs in their own community. Have you?

Most commonly we think of COIs as being CPAs and attorneys, but the COI world expands way beyond these two professional groups. It can also include tax attorneys, estate planners, lenders, real estate and insurance agents, political and charitable fund raisers, to name a few.

And the list grows depending on what professionals are influential in the niche you are marketing to. For example, if your target market is sports professionals, your group of COIs might include coaches, family members of players, or even sportscasters.

Take a look at your business-owner clients. COIs within their network would include consultants, middle-market investment bankers or business brokers. Often they will be happy to introduce you to them. These clients can be instrumental in helping you expand your network of COIs.

Brooke and I have had the opportunity to spend some personal time with an A-list celebrity couple in the entertainment field. Interestingly, we didn’t meet this couple through a talent manager or other entertainment executive, but instead through the father of one of the celebrities. The point is, you can’t dismiss anyone as a person of influence, even family members.

Start today to identify the Centers of Influence you personally know. Who are the COIs of your COIs? Which of your clients can introduce you to COIs within your community? Do you have friends and family members who are COIs?

Now is the time to identify the COIs in your niche market and to build your COI network.

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