Once you’ve taken the first step to select viable candidates for your Mastermind Group, it’s time to take action! However, before you begin, let’s look at a few of the road blocks others have encountered when organizing their groups, and explore solutions for overcoming each of them.

  1. They limit the number of Centers of Influence (COIs) they meet with.
    It’s time to get out there and start mingling. Increase the number of COIs you meet with and then be picky. Select those who are most influential in the community, are enthusiastic about joining the group and will be an asset to the group. Set a goal to connect with “X” number of COIs each week.
  2. They fall in love too quickly with the COIs they meet.
    It’s important to qualify people to determine if they will be assets to the group.  Will they contribute? Are they well organized and dependable and are they respected by the other members? Can they work well with others? Make a list of questions to ask each COI and take notes. This will help you select the best candidates for your group.
  3. They make the initial conversation all about themselves.
    If you make the Mastermind Group all about you, it will quickly turn off the other COIs. Instead it’s important that each member of the group be able to contribute and collaborate.
  4. To begin, they don’t contact the “easiest” COI prospects.
    Often friends, relatives, colleagues and members of your social or religious group are the best COIs for your group because you already have established relationships with them and know their “track record.”

As with any new venture, there are always obstacles to overcome, likewise with organizing a Mastermind Group. However, if you have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish, and have created a list of potential candidates for your group, you’re well on the way to organizing a Mastermind Group that will deliver the results you are hoping for.

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