While there are numerous formal and informal groups you can belong to that will boost your visibility in the community, one of the most powerful and rewarding is a Mastermind group.

A Mastermind Group is all about developing an effective multi-disciplinary team of professionals within your community. Referred to as Centers of Influence (COIs), these professionals represent “money in motion.” They are people who are well established in the community, understand the value of networking with professionals from a variety of occupations, and have diverse expertise and experience.

Not only are COIs influential socially, politically and/or economically, they are knowledgeable about the growth and transitions that are occurring within the community, in the lives of other COIs and the changes/challenges their clients and peers face. And, perhaps most importantly, they share a desire to improve themselves both personally and professionally.

Of course, including COIs in your Mastermind Group who are focused on creating an environment that will help build trust among members is vital. Group members must feel confident enough to share business development ideas, discuss challenges and explore solutions without the fear of having sensitive information shared outside the group.

As a comradery develops between Mastermind Group members, they will come to know and respect each other’s business acumen, goals and values. As trust is built, the giving and receiving of client referrals is a natural progression.

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