Have your clients provided you with the names of their Centers of Influence (COIs)? If so, kudos to you for completing the first step to building a network of these professionals. However, if the list is still sitting on your desk because you’re not sure about your next step, it’s all for naught. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to successfully reach out to your clients’ COIs during that initial conversation:

  1. Start by saying the COI’s name (to get their attention and cause them to focus).
  2. State the name of your mutual acquaintance (your client).
  3. Use a “headline.” (This is a one-liner you give to create the context of your call.)
  4. Give your name.
  5. Give your firm’s name.
  6. State your reason for meeting with them.
  7. Nail down a solid date and time.

Here is a sample dialogue:

“John, my client Roberta Smith spoke highly of you as her CPA, and she asked me to give you a call. I’m responsible for her wealth strategy and because you are part of her advisory team, I would like to meet with you. My name is [your name] with [your firm’s name].

“We have a unique practice and like to coordinate the key resources of our clients. We also offer recommendations for outstanding professionals who work with our clients, and Roberta said your work was exceptional. Do you have time to meet this week?”

Of course, you will need to change the script to meet your own situation, but the information outlined in the seven steps above will still apply. Start dialing!

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