What’s keeping you from pursuing your dreams? Procrastination? Too much daydreaming? Disorganization? In our experience, it can be all of those things. This is where “The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days” acts like a catalyst to give you and your aspirations a huge jumpstart.

The very nature of The Game requires planning instead of thinking or daydreaming. It’s an exercise in managing and clarifying your own expectations so you’re prepared to fulfill them. You might think that getting organized to play The Game seems like a lot to do — It is! The Game is an attempt to kick-start a life that has been stalling, to bring you out of the sidelines … to get you off the bench.

In Part 3 of our book, “The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days,” we walk you through how to play. (“The Game” is available for free download from our website, kelleygroupintl.com.) We discuss goals, points and scores, prizes, skills, deadlines and coaching. We help you prepare a Playing Field where you list and rate yourself on the various aspects of your life (e.g., health, money, relationships, work, environment). By analyzing the Playing Field, it will become visually clear where your life needs improvement.

The hallmark of our system is accountability, and one of the most important aspects of playing The Game involves teaming with another player – your accountability partner. The two of you will report to each other every day. This not only helps with your momentum, but it’s more fun to play The Game with another person!

The most effective Game partnerships involve competition and cooperation. Each person helps the other do his or her very best. You win as a team and rejoice in each other’s successes. Venus and Serena Williams, the tennis-playing sisters, are an example of this kind of partnership. Even though the two are fierce competitors on the court, they claim to have no sibling rivalry. They say tennis is a game played within the framework of their relationship, which will last for life.

To win your Game, focus on what it’s going to take to have your partner accomplish his or her goals. The better your partner plays, the more you’ll be pushed and inspired. Partner competition is healthy and fun. You will engage in 10- to 15-minute accountability calls every day to go over that day’s accomplishments, where you fell short, and to offer any needed help or encouragement.

Partners are the anchors, models, mentors and coaches who deliver that “Go, team, go!” speech we all need to hear.

What Can You Accomplish?

The financial advisors we have had the privilege of working with have accomplished feats as personal as overcoming cancer to one blue-chip financial firm producing a 7,000% increase in million-dollar clients in just 90 days. VH1 and ABC TV thought enough of this process to turn it into two full-length television shows. (See clips on our website, kelleygroupintl.com.)

In the case of VH1, we used the process to help a former child star whose life had been progressively sliding into virtual homelessness. We helped him turn his life around, and by the end of the series he was using the skills he learned in a new position as a financial advisor. ABC TV had us test “The Game” with middle-school students in Albany, New York. We used the process on everything from bullying to improving their grades, and once again the strategies produced profound change.

The Game will restore and heighten your gratitude for life. The changes will have a shining impact on your work, your relationships, and your community.

Are you ready? As we write at the end of “The Game”:

“Stop trying to figure out The Game, and just play it!”

Sarano and Brooke Kelley train elite financial advisors and senior managers in the game methodology, a process that helps them overcome performance barriers and reach new highs. The “Game” method is described in the groundbreaking book, “The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days.” For more information, go to kelleygroupintl.com.

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