When I was young, I loved to read comic book stories about superheroes like about Superman, Batman and the X-Men. They convinced me that whatever I wanted to do was possible right now. Their adventures stimulated my imagination and inspired me to explore the limits of what I could do and be.

Then I joined the real world of work, family and responsibility and stopped thinking that I could immediately accomplish whatever I set out to do. I was ruled by too many distractions. That is, until I formulated a simple operating process called “The Game,” which is outlined in my book, “The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days.”

Playing The Game changed everything for me – and for the thousands of people who have played and experienced the process over the past 20 years. It gives you a structure for achieving your highest aspirations in only 90 days. And, yes, it’s an actual game with players, fans, time limits, coaches, competition, cooperation and prizes.

Fulfill Your Dreams

What can you accomplish? It’s up to you, of course. The game board is your own life, and you reach your highest potential by breaking old habits, creating new ones, and learning to use your natural abilities to their fullest. The Game sends you on a quest for the life you’ve always wanted by giving you the necessary structure to fulfill your dreams and promises to yourself. Many game players have not only made a difference in their own personal and professional lives but in the lives of others. For example, one financial planner and stockbroker who played The Game designed a course to teach young students how to manage money and learn about the stock market.

Because so many “players” have achieved life-changing rewards through this process, The Kelley Group has launched a revised edition of the book. After you read “The Game” (available as a free download at thekelleygroup.net), you’ll start the journey by enlisting the aid of an accountability partner — someone who also is playing The Game. Just like pairing up with a running or exercise partner, you will motivate and encourage each other to accomplish your goals, even when the going gets tough. You will become part of a powerful community that will hold you accountable for your highest aspirations.

Here is how one player describes the impact of The Game on his life:

“I will never be the same. I have destroyed my prior comfort zone. The Game has become My Game. My Game has become My Life. The Game is, in reality, a lifetime journey. It has added structure and accountability – two traits I passionately resisted. It has added balance. My Game has become an elaborate tool to guide and monitor daily activities. It has become my conscience to evaluate my life, to continually adjust, fine-tune, rebalance and change the rules.”

Follow the Rules

In future posts, we’ll write more about important elements for playing The Game, but here’s a quick outline of the ground rules you’ll be following:

1) You must give up self-criticism for 90 days. You’ll find that a lot of your positive actions were thwarted early on, before they became full blown, as a result of always editing and criticizing yourself.

2) You must be observant about what you’re learning from playing The Game. The Game is a journey, and the book is a conversation with dialogue between us occurring inside your mind.

3) You must stop whining and complaining for 90 days. While you play The Game, you’ll make a conscious effort not to blame anyone else for how your life is going. You won’t waste time and energy moaning about every challenge or problem. Instead, you will immediately start taking responsibility for whatever is occurring in your life.

4) You need to remember that The Game is a shared journey and a process of discovery. This rule stems from a few principles I want you to remember as you read the book: First, even though I (Sarano Kelley) am the author, I’m not always right. Second, I don’t know THE truth. This is an inquiry, an exploration process. We learn from one another.

5) Have fun! Games are meant to be fun. This one is no exception.

Join us on this journey. Let’s play The Game – to win!

Sarano and Brooke Kelley train elite financial advisors and senior managers in the game methodology, a process that helps them overcome performance barriers and reach new highs. The “Game” method is described in the groundbreaking book, “The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days.” For more information, go to thekelley

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